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Our Patented product

Only important projects

Our mission is to help the world and the mankind.

We are doing it with hunger by promoting projects that are for the benefit of the world. We chose and plan our projects to be profitable and with a big upside potential.

Fighting global warming by planting millions trees.

Providing land reclamation in our Pongamia project.

Helping the sick and disabled people 

Our special patented care bed  support the needs and will be a  great relief for many patients worldwide.

Full support services center for elderly and disabled . including up to 50 services.

Helping research by clinical trials for new medicine

Performing a full EU standard clinical trial test & results. In this project we confirm safety and benefits of CBD.

Helping the public health

​Helping research of clinical trials for new pharmaceutical materials and components. Performing a full EU standard clinical trial test & results. standardizing safety and benefits of cannabinoids.

Chose the moment to invest and to be a partner. special plans and support for private and business investors, entrepreneurs, funds, banks, institutes, firms and known brands. 


The projects will help the world and will be efficiently business wise and with a big potential upside as well.

Approaching the big firms and investors, funds, organizations, business investors and market leaders with an offer to be a partner in important projects for the world. 

Companies and investors purchase their percentages in the projects and become shareholders.

We promote important projects that help the world, for the mankind, suffering or sick people, culture and nature.


We promise to do better and to help and support the sick and disabled, the medical research; the health of the public, the elderly needs, the culture and education, animals,nature & Earth.

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