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Our solution to the problems of global warming​ is planting millions of trees.

All in one solution provided by the Kessler group

- Creating green areas, better air and oxygen from big lungs of greenery plantations.

- Reclaiming land and improving the soil. Building an environment  for intercropping

- Reducing Gasses from the atmosphere following all EU standards

- Producing biodiesel that is 100% organic and reducing the use of Fossil fuels.

- Helping the community by hiring employees and boosting agriculture and export.

- Supporting a stable local supply of energy. creating an independent energy source.


The Pongamia project by the Kessler group takes almost any land, even a desert land and make out of it an oasis of millions of trees which create a hoge green ara and an optimistic environment for more vegetation and animals. 

Making a big different by fighting the global; warming  with the most effective! solution

The biofuel production process is a clean process and does not generate any air pollution. In the production process there is no combustion process, there is no emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, as in the case of the production of fuels from fossil sources and meeting all the EU directives & regulations, We are honored to support the green energy and the biodiesel .sectors.


Pongamia is a medium sized tree and is normally planted along the highways, roads and canals to stop soil erosion. It is one of the few nitrogen fixing trees to produce seeds containing 30-40 % oil. Pongamia grows into a large tree with a 10-metre taproot, creating a huge carbon sinkIt is often planted as an ornamental and shade tree. It is well-adapted to arid zones and has many traditional uses. It is often used for landscaping purposes as a windbreak or for shade due to the large canopy and showy fragrant flowers.


The flowers are used by gardeners as compost for plants requiring rich nutrients. The bark can be used to make twine or rope and it also yields a black gum that has historically been used to treat wounds caused by poisonous fish. The wood is said to be beautifully grained but splits easily when sawn thus relegating it to firewood, posts, and tool handles. Oil made from the seeds, known as honge oil, is an important asset of this tree and has been used as lamp oil, in soap making, and as a lubricant for thousands of years. 


It acts an an important feedstock for Bio-diesel. In India, pongamia is used in land reclamation, as a soil stabiliser and now majorly as a biodiesel crop.

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