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The Kessler group Do better division is focusing on helping the world. We do that  by inventing patents and managing, funding and promoting projects as:

Special care bed for disabled patients.

This invention will help millions of patients in the world. The special bed featured some new and most innovative functions.

We have the the honor to be partners and managers in this project.

Full services support company for elderly people, disabled and sick.

In this new project we are building a social network and a smart platform that will combine the best employees to our clients, all clients will have a variety of services as physical visits, repairing at home, buying groceries or and other shopping, talking with the client and understanding where and how to help, getting discounts from all the suppliers and reducing the bills, security and cameras, office support etc... teaching the client how to use the internet, to learn, to enjoy the media and to live better.

Giving the above services to the elderly and sick people will make us very proud. 

This project is in early stage.

Supporting the CBD and Cannabis world evolution and helping the sick people

We are working hard and focused on bringing solutions and helping the people of the world by making  CBD available for everybody, where it is legal of course. We are honored to be a part of this worldwide CBD revolution and our vision is to supply the best quality CBD affordable and easy to get. There is a great joy helping people that suffer from various health problems and preventing illnesses.

Some researchers describe the benefits of CBD as following:

Reducing Risk of Diabetes / Obesity

Reducing Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Reducing Risk of Cancer

Helps Maintaining Brain Health

Protects against Bone Disease and Broken Bones

Protects and Heals the Skin

Helping to reduce inflammations

Treatment for pain

Treating Anxiety and Stress

Depression and Mood Disorders

Sleep Disorders (Insomnia, Sleep Apnea)

Keeping the history in our life, and saving the memories of lost communities

Before the second world war there were many villages in Poland that were completely destroyed and their inhabitants were murdered, and in this way, whole  communities disappeared and there is no memory for them. So our project is to renovate and make a reconstruction of a Jewish village. The visitors will come from all over the country and the world and children will learn from it how looked a Jewish village in the old times and what were the kinds of works and machinery, which customs were celebrated and who were those people that disappeared.

This is most important and emotional project at the service of the memory of history and culture. Our hard work in planing and producing this project includes also providing by our side the funding support from the European union. Restaurants and maybe accommodation can be build as well. project will be completed in 2020. We expect  about 500,000 visitors during the first three years.

As the former director and founder of Reserve Electronics Ltd. I was personally responsible for our clients needs. Our speciality was to supply electronic components that are hard to find and we received very good feedback and warm thanks from our clients which to name some of our clients: Motorola, Intel, Cisco, Air force, the Israeli electric company, hospitals and many more.

I decided to sell the company some years ago and to help the society and the people of the world. That's exactly what i'm doing now with all my power. I am honored to be a part of the good people community that helps the world.

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