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Special care bed for disabled patients

This invention will help millions of patients in the world. The special bed featured some new and most innovative functions.

We have the the honor to be partners and managers in this project.

Our special patented care bed will support and be a  great relief for so many patients in the world. The business aspect is strong while the upside can get high.

Years of work, investing and developing, paying costs and establishing all patents make us ready for the next stage.




Helping research by clinical trials for new medicine. Performing a full EU standard clinical trial test & results. In this project we confirm safety and benefits of CBD and CBD products.. We will support manufacturer needs for commercial, medical and clinical trials in this field.

The project including also the steps of producing product lines in the cosmetics sector and the food and beverage sector.

controlling our private label that passed all tests and standards, and got recommendations and best feedbacks  from the medical experts in Europe.


Full services support center for elderly people, disabled and sick.

A social network and a smart platform that match the best employees and best services for our clients, clients will chose a variety of services as physical visits, repairing at home, buying groceries or other shopping, talks, doing sport or walks, driving around, paying  bills, controlling the assistants, security monitoring, getting discounts from all the suppliers and reducing the bills, 24h help and attention, office support etc... teaching to use the internet, to learn and to be updated,and to enjoy the media.




Helping nature and the health of the public and making planet earth a better place to be, with abilities and knowhow to recycle and trade electronic components and devices waste, buying old inventories and stocks, liquidations and end of life products that are hard to sell and match them to our clients orders from all around the world. We do better in understanding what to recycle and what to sell as material or product.

With an experience in the field, a vision  and a professional plan we are raising money for this project now.


Supporting the CBD and Cannabis world revolution and helping the sick people

We are working hard and focused on bringing solutions and helping the people of the world by making  CBD available for everybody, where it is legal of course. We are honored to be a part of this worldwide CBD revolution and our vision is to supply the best quality CBD affordable and easy to get. There is a great joy helping people that suffer from various health problems and preventing illnesses.




With substantial partners in Europe and Asia who  construct worlds best practice In Green Energy and agricultural  technologies, KESSLER operates in the renewable energy, clean technologies and environmental protection sectors.  In company with our international affiliates, strategic partnerships and joint venture partners, we have the experience and expertise to support your sustainable energy requirements in the European markets.  Whilst producing clean energy for ’ current and future needs, we protect the natural environment and meet World Energy Policy obligations.

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